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Gas Line Services & Upgrades

Gas lines are the lifelines of your home's energy supply, and ensuring their safety and efficiency is paramount. We specialize in comprehensive gas line services and upgrades.

Whether you need a new gas line installation, maintenance, or upgrades to enhance safety and efficiency, our experienced team has the expertise to meet your needs.

Our services cover a wide range of solutions, from installing new gas lines for appliances to conducting routine inspections and maintenance to keep your gas supply secure.

We understand the importance of efficient gas systems in your home, which is why we offer high-quality upgrades that not only boost safety but also help you save on energy costs. With our dedication to gas line excellence and a commitment to ensuring your safety, we're your reliable partner for all your gas line service requirements.

Your Trusted Experts for Residential & Commercial Water, Plumbing, & Heating Solutions. Your Comfort & Satisfaction is our Priority.

Contact Info

#401-251 Trans-Canada Highway N.W.,

251 Trans-Canada Hwy,

Salmon Arm, BC V1E 3B8

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