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Bottles and Accessories


Jugs and Bottles

  • 18.9L / 5 Gallon Jugs
  • 11.3L / 3 Gallon Jugs
  • 4 Litre Jugs
  • 1 Litre Bottles
  • 500 ml Bottles

Pumps and Taps

  • USB Rechargeable Pump
  • Hand Pump
  • Pinch Release Tap

Water Dispensing Ceramic Crocks

A ceramic crock is an excellent way to dispense water at a slightly chilled temperature over that of room temperature. Any 11.3L/3G or 18.9L/5G jug fits on top. Pair this with a quality wooden crock stand and you will have style and conviencice in one location. Our crocks are handcrafted, lead-free, require minimal space, non-drip faucet and come in multiple designs:

  • Plain
  • Embossed Ivy
  • Embossed Grapes
  • Black Stripes
  • Blue Stripes
  • Green Stripes


  • Counter Stands
  • Floor Stands
  • Metal Stands
  • Wood Stands
  • Crock Stands
  • Bottle Storage

NHL and NFL Covers

  • All NHL and NFL teams available to order
  • Fits 18.9L/5 Gallon Jugs and Buckets, Propane Tanks and Flower Pots
  • They make a great gift for the sports fans in your life!

Decorative Covers

  • Plain (11.3/3G or 18.9L/5G)
  • Berries & Jars (18.9L/5G)
  • Avian World (18.9L/5G)
  • You Talkin’ To Me (18.9L/5G)
  • Black Bear (18.9L/5G)
  • Brother Wolf (11.3/3G or 18.9L/5G)
  • Rainbow Trout (18.9L/5G)
  • Siberian Tiger (18.9L/5G)
  • Summer Pals (18.9L/5G)
  • Coffee Break (18.9L/5G)
  • Sunflowers & Hummers (18.9L/5G)
  • Kittens (full pattern, 18.9L/5G)
  • Puppies (full pattern, 18.9L/5G)