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Fills and Delivery


Holds water? We'll fill it!

For the economy minded our discounted in-store fill-up program is ideal! Our customers can purchase a pre-paid “punch card” that we track in our barcode scanner computer system. This volume purchase allows us to provide the customer with purified water at just $3.00 per 18.9 liter bottle of water. Our customers bring their bottles to our store and we sanitize them with ozonated water, fill them, place a new cap on the bottle and carry them to your car.

We Deliver!

We will deliver purified water to your home or place of work every two weeks. We sanitize each bottle prior to filling it with purified water and capping it with a sanitized cap. You have a constant supply of purified water without having to pick it up at our store. Our price for delivered water is less than you would be paying with our competitors!

Armstrong, Chase, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Sorrento, Vernon, Revelstoke, Kelowna.